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Coaprendizagem através de REA e Mídias Sociais
Okada, Alexandra · Mikroyannidis, Alexander · Meister, Izabel · Little, Suzanne · Okada, Alexandra [secondary]

Secondary titleRecursos educacionais abertos e redes sociais: Co-aprendizagem e desenvolvimento profissional
PublisherSite do livro REA e Redes Sociais
Published atLondres
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Open educators and colearners as DJs: Reuse, remix, and recreate OER collaboratively!
Okada, Alexandra; Leslie, Scott; Scott, Peter J.; Okada, Alexandra; Connolly, Teresa
The aim of this chapter is to examine key factors for facilitating the development of reusable learning content (RLC) from the perspective of open educators and collaborative learners (colearners). Reusability is an ...
Match: Okada, Alexandra

Crowdsourcing education on the web: A role-based analysis of online learning communities
Corneli, Joseph; Mikroyannidis, Alexander; Scott, Peter J.; Connolly, Teresa; Okada, Alexandra
Learning online has significantly evolved over the past decade due to the emergence of Web 2.0 and 3.0 technologies that facilitate social learning in adaptive online environments. The open content movement and the ...
Match: Okada, Alexandra; Mikroyannidis, Alexander

Adapting and sharing open educational resources: a social networking approach
Mikroyannidis, Alexander; Okada, Alexandra; Connolly, Teresa
Open educational resources (OER) have recently emerged as an answer to the need for open and reusable educational material, freely available online. This paper describes a social networking approach in adapting and ...
Match: Okada, Alexandra; Mikroyannidis, Alexander

Open Educational Resources: Lifelong learning for engaged ageing
Misra, Pradeep Kumar; Connolly, Teresa; Okada, Alexandra; Scott, Peter J.
All over the world, governments, societies, and researchers are looking for ways to keep the ageing population active and engaged. The need of the hour is in looking for the tools that can help in making ageing ...
Match: Okada, Alexandra

OpenLearn research report 2006-2008
McAndrew, Patrick; Santos, A.; Lane, Andy; Godwin, Stephen; et al.
This report takes the experience of OpenLearn over its two-years of operation to reflect on what it means to offer free resources and the issues that we have been able to explore and learn from. The structure of the ...
Match: Okada, Alexandra

Blogospheric learning in a continuing professional development context
McGuigan, Aileen; Scott, Peter J.; Connolly, Teresa; Okada, Alexandra
Since 2006, the Teaching Qualification (Further Education) – a professional teaching qualification for in service college lecturers – has been delivered online by University of Dundee, via a virtual learning ...
Match: Okada, Alexandra

Estilos de Coaprendizagem para uma coletividade aberta de pesquisa
Barros, Daniela; Miranda, LuĂ­sa; GoulĂŁo, Maria; Henriques, Susana; et al.
O presente artigo aborda a teoria dos estilos de aprendizagem e suas possibilidades para uma coletividade aberta de pesquisa numa dinâmica de coaprendizagem entre os sujeitos. Toda esta discussão é contextualizada no ...
Match: Okada, Alexandra

Designing Open Educational Resources through Knowledge Maps to enhance Meaningful learning
Okada, Alexandra; Connolly, Teresa
This paper demonstrates some pedagogical strategies for developing Open Educational Resources (OERs) using the knowledge mapping tool Compendium. It also describes applications of Knowledge Maps to facilitate meaningful ...
Match: Okada, Alexandra

Peer-support and Open Educational Resources
Fetter, Sibren; Berlanga, Adriana J.; Sloep, Peter B.; Okada, Alexandra; et al.
Traditionally, the Open Educational Resources (OER) movement has focused on the production, distribution, and retrieval of open content. There is, however, more to OER than the resources alone. For OER to function ...
Match: Okada, Alexandra

Managing assessment resources in the open ICOPER content space
Rojas, Israel Gutiérrez; Crespo, Raquel M.; Totschnig, Michael; Leony, Derick; et al.
With the introduction of the Web 2.0 philosophy in the learning arena, the way learning actors interact has changed substantially. From a collaborative perspective, all the actors in the learning landscape could make ...
Match: Okada, Alexandra