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Redes Sociais para aprendizagem aberta expandida
Hardagh, Cláudia Coelho · Silva, Anderson Luis · Freitas, Simone A. · Okada, Alexandra [secondary]

Secondary titleRecursos educacionais abertos e redes sociais: Co-aprendizagem e desenvolvimento profissional
PublisherSite do livro REA e Redes Sociais
Published atLondres
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Open educators and colearners as DJs: Reuse, remix, and recreate OER collaboratively!
Okada, Alexandra; Leslie, Scott; Scott, Peter J.; Okada, Alexandra; Connolly, Teresa
The aim of this chapter is to examine key factors for facilitating the development of reusable learning content (RLC) from the perspective of open educators and collaborative learners (colearners). Reusability is an ...
Match: Okada, Alexandra

Coaprendizagem através de REA e Mídias Sociais
Okada, Alexandra; Mikroyannidis, Alexander; Meister, Izabel; Little, Suzanne; Okada, Alexandra
Match: Okada, Alexandra

Peer-support and Open Educational Resources
Fetter, Sibren; Berlanga, Adriana J.; Sloep, Peter B.; Okada, Alexandra; et al.
Traditionally, the Open Educational Resources (OER) movement has focused on the production, distribution, and retrieval of open content. There is, however, more to OER than the resources alone. For OER to function ...
Match: Okada, Alexandra

OERopoly: Collaborative learning about Open Educational Resources through game-playing
Connolly, Teresa; Connolly, Teresa; Okada, Alexandra; Scott, Peter J.
The Open Educational Resources (OER) community supports the belief that knowledge is a public good and, combined with technological advancement, can provide an extraordinary opportunity to help equalize the distribution ...
Match: Okada, Alexandra

Web 2.0 open remote and virtual laboratories in engineering education
Salzmann, Christophe; Gillet, Denis; Esquembre, Francisco; Vargas, Héctor; et al.
This chapter presents challenges in deploying remote and virtual laboratories as open educational resources with application to engineering education, as well as current trends in using Web 2.0 technologies to enable ...
Match: Okada, Alexandra

JIME editorial: Researching open content for education
McAndrew, Patrick; Godwin, Stephen; dos Santos, Andreia Inamorato; Okada, Alexandra
This special issue of the Journal of Interactive Media in Education (JIME) builds from selected papers from the OpenLearn2007 conference [1] where researchers were invited to report on their research across themes of ...
Match: Okada, Alexandra

I search therefore I learn - Active and collaborative learning in language teaching: Two case studies
Marenzi, Ivana; Nejdl, Wolfgang; Scott, Peter J.; Connolly, Teresa; Okada, Alexandra
In Content and Language Integrated Learning the context is to explicitly teach a subject through a foreign or second language, and therefore, implicitly to teach the language through this subject. Adding the activity of ...
Match: Okada, Alexandra

Crowdsourcing education on the web: A role-based analysis of online learning communities
Corneli, Joseph; Mikroyannidis, Alexander; Scott, Peter J.; Connolly, Teresa; Okada, Alexandra
Learning online has significantly evolved over the past decade due to the emergence of Web 2.0 and 3.0 technologies that facilitate social learning in adaptive online environments. The open content movement and the ...
Match: Okada, Alexandra

Knowledge sharing and collaboration as indicators of learning in OER communities
Petrides, Lisa; Jimes, Cynthia; Hedgspeth, Carol; Connolly, Teresa; et al.
This work specifically sheds light on the ways that OER impacts teacher professional development, knowledge building, and interactive problem solving around teaching practice. Drawing on key findings from several ...
Match: Okada, Alexandra

Designing Open Educational Resources through Knowledge Maps to enhance Meaningful learning
Okada, Alexandra; Connolly, Teresa
This paper demonstrates some pedagogical strategies for developing Open Educational Resources (OERs) using the knowledge mapping tool Compendium. It also describes applications of Knowledge Maps to facilitate meaningful ...
Match: Okada, Alexandra