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UNESCO OER Dynamic Coalition Consultations
Following the adoption of the OER Recommendation in November 2019, UNESCO launched the OER Dynamic Coalition in March 2020. The launch meeting defined a Roadmap for the activities of the Dynamic Coalition. The Coalition ...
Posted August 6, 2020

La contribución del Proyecto EDIA a la Educación Abierta
Alberdi, Lola; Valdera, Cristina
¿Está en educación todo inventado?, ¿verdaderamente vivimos un momento de alteración del paradigma educativo?, ¿o estamos acaso condenados a vivir un eterno retorno pedagógico? A estas y otras preguntas similares ...
Posted August 6, 2020

Recursos accesibles para todos: recomedaciones de lectura fácil
Valdera, Cristina
Una de las características de los recursos educativos abiertos (REA) es la accesibilidad, entendida como la facilidad con la que un recurso puede ser localizado y utilizado. En ocasiones esa accesibilidad se relaciona ...
Posted August 6, 2020

Lista de comprobación de calidad de un Recurso Educativo Abierto
Alberdi, Lola
Los docentes siempre han compartido sus recursos e ideas con los colegas de profesión, bien en forma de sencillos consejos y comentarios en la sala de profesores, compartiendo materiales educativos de referencia o ...
Posted August 6, 2020

Ascertaining impacts of capacity building in open educational practices
Karunanayaka, Shironica P.; Naidu, Som
Interest in the adoption of open educational practices (OEP) is growing, and the strongest arguments in its favor are that the adoption of such practices has the best chances of making education affordable and ...
Posted August 2, 2020

The Online Interface and Social Inclusion: A MOOC Study in Turkey
Meri-Yilan, Serpil
One of the virtues of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) is that, because of their scalability, temporal flexibility and digital mediation, they have the potential to increase learner numbers in higher education, ...
Posted August 2, 2020

Framing Open Educational Practices from a Social Justice Perspective
Bali, Maha; Cronin, Catherine; Jhangiani, Rajiv S.
OEP (open educational practices), inclusive of open pedagogy, is often understood with respect to the use of OER (open educational resources) but can be conceived with more expansive conceptualisations (see Cronin & ...
Posted August 2, 2020

SocJustice and K-12 Teachers' Effective Use of OER: A Cross-Cultural Comparison by Nations
Tang, Hengtao; Bao, Yu
Open educational resources (OER) have the potential to promote social justice imperatives in education, but because of the uneven provision of technical infrastructure across different countries, it remains uncertain ...
Posted August 2, 2020

Between Social Justice and Decolonisation: Exploring South African MOOC Designers' Conceptualisations and Approaches to Addressing Injustices
Adam, Taskeen
As social justice and decolonisation discussions fill the physical and virtual corridors of universities in South Africa, educators, and in this case, MOOC designers, are inevitably influenced by them. They are prompted ...
Posted August 2, 2020

Who Gets to Wield Academic Mjolnir?: On Worthiness, Knowledge Curation, and Using the Power of the People to Diversify OER
Nusbaum, Amy T.
In many academic fields Western/white/male/cishetero/abled perspectives are often centered, while other perspectives are presented as “other.” Implicitly, this sends messages to students that success looks like one ...
Posted August 2, 2020