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A guide to using Open Educational Resources (OERs) in marketing education
Hunter-Jones, Philippa

PublishedNovember 2012
PeriodicalPages 1-38
PublisherUniversity of Liverpool, University of Liverpool

This Guide is an example of an Open Educational Resource (OER). It is freely accessible and downloadable, has been released under an open license (Creative Commons) and is digitised to allow for ease of access, re-use and re-purposing.

It sets out to answer three questions:
What are Open Educational Resources (OERs)?
How do I develop OERs?
Why should I bother with OERs?

The content covers:
Introduction: About this Guide
What are Open Educational Resources?
What types of OER exist and where can I find them?
What are the advantages of OER engagement?
What are the challenges with OER engagement?
How can I develop OER?
Each section concludes by signposting the reader to further associated reading.

Keywords Creative Commons · IPR · Marketing Education · Objects · sustainability · UKOER

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