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Open Educational Resources: Higher education students' knowledge and use
Alves, Paulo · Miranda, Luísa · Morais, Carlos

ConferenceProceedings of the European Conference on e-Learning
Pages 11-18
PublisherAcademic Conferences & Publishing International

Information and communication technologies represent one of the main innovation factors within the teaching and learning process, especially in Higher Education. In this context, the search for building useful and grounded knowledge using strategies which meet students' needs and interests requires the use of innovative resources, among which we highlight digital educational resources, particularly open educational resources (OER). The open educational resources issue has deserved the attention of teachers, students and institutions. Considering the present situation as well as the importance given to OER and to the role these may play in supporting learning, the aims of this paper are as follows: assess the digital educational resources features most valued by higher education students; verify the extent to which students' IT knowledge influences their assessment of digital educational resources; identify the knowledge that higher education students have of OER; assess the knowledge

Keywords digital educational resources · educational resources · educational technology · higher education · information and communication technologies · information technology · learning management · Open Educational Resources

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