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Preliminary Report on the Draft Recommendation Concerning Open Educational Resources (OER)
UNESCO [corporate]

Secondary titleIntergovernmental Meeting of Experts related to a Draft Recommendation concerning Open Educational Resources
Type of workDraft
CountryFrance, Europe

1. This document is prepared further to 39C/Resolution 44 of the UNESCO General Conference, and a follow-up to ‘the Study on International Collaboration on Open Educational Resources (OER) (201 EX/Decision 9), which concluded that a Recommendation is best suited to further the development and expansion of OER in the interests of Member States achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4.

2. The document sets the context by outlining recent events for mainstreaming OER in education systems, as well current trends and potential for further applications in OER. It further highlights that there is a global interest in OER to be used by the international community to support the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

3. It outlines the outputs of the 2nd World OER Congress (18-20 September 2017, Ljubljana, Slovenia): the Ljubljana OER Action Plan and Ministerial Statement.

4. It further describes the outputs of preparatory activities for the 2nd World OER Congress, namely: the six regional consultations, global online consultation of the Ljubljana OER Action Plan 2017, and global online survey and the OER Global Report 2017.

5. It reasserts that a Recommendation is the best-suited instrument by which UNESCO can promote international collaboration in this area, as a Recommendation is flexible enough to keep pace with the dynamic ICT-driven field of OER.

Keywords open educational resources · sustainable development · international collaboration

Published atParis
LanguageEnglish, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Chinese
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