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Free technology academy: A joint venture of free software and OER
Tebbens, Wouter · Megías, David · David, Jacovkis · Lex, Bijlsma

PublishedSeptember 2010
ConferenceOpen ED Conference 2010 Proceedings
PublisherUOC, OU, BYU

The decision to publish educational materials openly and under free licenses brings up the challenge of doing it in a sustainable way. Some lessons can be learned from the business models for production, maintenance and distribution of Free and Open Source Software. The Free Technology Academy (FTA) has taken on these challenges and has implemented some of these models. We briefly review the FTA educational programme, methodologies and organisation, and see to which extent these models are proving successful in the case of the FTA.

Keywords business models · education · Open Educational Resources · open source · open source software

Published atBarcelona
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