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Wish list for cross-institutional open and online education services
Veelo, Kirsten and van Hees, Janina

PublishedNovember 2015
PeriodicalPages 64-68
EditorsBaas, Marjon · van Hees, Janina · Jacobi, Ria · Schuwer, Robert · Ouwehand, Martijn · de Vries, Fred · van der Woert, Nicolai

Open and online education offers many opportunities to improve education and make it more flexible. Are the institutions and lecturers properly equipped to develop open and online education? What are their needs regarding cross-institutional services that can support this?
In the summer of 2015, SURFnet conducted a needs assessment. This article examines the results of this assessment. We will also examine what comparable initiatives in other European countries can teach us. Finally, we will explain the challenges facing us now students increasingly wish to determine their own educational tracks.

Keywords Jorum · metadata standards · MOOC platforms · needs assessment · OER re-use · OER repositories · Open Stax CNX · sharing OER

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