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European education, training and youth forum: Report 2015
European Education, Training and Youth Forum [corporate]

PublishedOctober 2015
PeriodicalPages 1-23
PublisherEuropean Commission

Key messages from the Forum

1 Summary of the sessions, panels and workshops
1.1 Opening session
1.2 Innovative ideas for education, training and youth
1.2.1 TED-like talks
1.2.2 Clare Ryan, TED-like talk on early-school leaving
1.2.3 Marco Snoek, TED-like talk on teacher education
1.2.4 Mitja Jermol, TED-like talk on open and innovative education
1.2.5 Florian Pecenka, TED-like talk on improving completion rates in higher education
1.2.6 Lisa Serero, TED-like talk on social inclusion and non-discrimination among young people
1.3 Panel discussion on enhancing inclusion, fundamental values and active citizenship: the role of education, training and youth work
1.4 Workshops
1.4.1 The workshop process
1.4.2 Workshop findings
1.4.3 Summary of Civil Society Meeting
1.4.4 Workshop highlights
1.5 Way forward – Political conclusions
High-level round table: Next steps as seen by the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council Presidencies
1.6 Closing remarks
Annex A: More detailed workshop highlights

Keywords artificial intelligence · open education · Slovenia · TED Talks · youth conference · youth education

Published atBrussels
RefereedDoes not apply
Other information4th edition ETY Forum
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