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The 2015 open and online education trend report: Perspectives on developments in Dutch higher education
Buitendijk, Simone · van Elk, Lianne · Filius, Renée · Hobbes, Hendrik Jan · Judith van Hooijdonk · Jelgerhuis, Hester · van Keeken, Paul · Manderveld, Jocelyn · Sussenbach, Marinke · Veelo, Kirsten · Vernimmen, Frederike · Verstelle, Marja · van Wijngaarden, Hilde · Wild, Ulrike · SURFnet [corporate]

PublishedNovember 2015
PeriodicalPages 1-78
PublisherOpen Education Special Interest Group
EditorsBaas, Marjon · van Hees, Janina · Ouwehand, Martijn · Schuwer, Robert · de Vries, Fred · van der Woert, Nicolai · Baas, Marjon · van Hees, Janina · Jacobi, Ria · Schuwer, Robert · Ouwehand, Martijn · de Vries, Fred · van der Woert, Nicolai
CountryNetherlands, Europe

For the fourth consecutive year, the Open Education Special Interest Group and SURFnet have prepared a trend report outlining the latest dynamic developments in the area of open content, open education and – as of this year – online (but not necessarily open) education. How is open education impacting campus education? Which new target groups are finding themselves drawn to open and online education, what are their specific needs, and how is the higher education sector responding to these demands? Effective online education requires valid online testing procedures. What are the available options in this regard? Is there demand for a nationwide infrastructure in support of open and online education, and – if so – what form should this take? How can learning analytics be applied in online education, and what are the relevant challenges in this regard? What are the key points on the international open education research agenda? What are the available platforms for online education? This trend report features a broad overview of perspectives from various experts, in the form of articles and brief intermezzos.

Keywords Netherlands · OER · online learning · open education

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Reaching new target groups through open and online education
van Keeken, Paul; Filius, Renée; Wild, Ulrike; van der Woert, Nicolai; et al.
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Effective online education requires valid online assessment procedures
Sussenbach, Marinke; Verstelle, Marja; Baas, Marjon; van Hees, Janina; et al.
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Where is the Dutch librarian?
van Wijngaarden, Hilde; Vernimmen, Frederike; Baas, Marjon; van Hees, Janina; et al.
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Practical aids: Conceptual framework for online education and infographic
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Battle of concepts
Jelgerhuis, Hester; Baas, Marjon; van Hees, Janina; Jacobi, Ria; et al.
SURF organised a Battle of Concepts in the spring of 2015 in an effort to challenge students and young professionals to submit creative answers to the following question: “How can we apply new or existing ICT ...
Match: Jelgerhuis, Hester; Netherlands; online learning; Europe

Grand challenges for learning analytics and open & online education
Manderveld, Jocelyn; Baas, Marjon; van Hees, Janina; Jacobi, Ria; et al.
This contribution addresses the challenges that are encountered when learning analytics is applied within open and online education. Firstly, the prospects of learning analytics within open and online education will be ...
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Online learning at research intensive universities
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Choosing a suitable online education platform
van Elk, Lianne; Baas, Marjon; van Hees, Janina; Jacobi, Ria; et al.
Increasingly, education institutions are having to determine which platform they should use to make their online educational resources available. Should they connect to major platforms such as FutureLearn, Coursera or ...
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