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An architectural model for virtual environments using multicultural learning objects
Arteaga, Jaime Muñoz · Salas, Pedro Cardona · Guerrero, Josefina · Vanderdonckt, Jean · Santaolaya, René

PublishedApril 2011
Conference1st international symposium on Open Educational Resources: Issues for localization and globalization

A large diversity of learning environments allows users access the repositories to design and develop academic content in online courses.

Nowadays a large number of universities are producing their courses in terms of learning objects and saving these objects in their own repositories.

Learning objects are considered as educational resources that can be employed in technology support learning. They are a digital pieces of
knowledge to put together in order to form courses on line.

“Whenever you create an academic content, you put a bit of yourself into the content. This part is often a representation of your own culture ..“
“.. We prefer to say that culture is in whatever you create. It is in there. The important question is what do you do with it.…. [Amiel and Orey].

Keywords instructional design · multicultural learning objects · multicultural OER design

Published atLogan, Utah
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