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Special session OER: Integrating OER and Instructional Design – Towards a more holistic view
Deimann, Markus and Bastiaens, Theo

Volume 1, Pages 1–10

Instructional Design (ID) has been introduced as a fundamental approach to design learning environments with a strong focus on media usage. In this regard, recent transformations in the realm of ICT have gained an increasing influence on learning and teaching practices, thus challenging conventional methods. Advocators of sophisticated web-based tools such as Weblogs, Wikis, or e-portfolios which are at the heart of the “Open Educational Resources (OER”) movement proclaim a new dimension of learning which is solely dependent on the individual thus repelling ID. Despite such movements, this paper argues for a sustained integration of OER and ID since appropriate application of new learning tools demands certain conditions both on the side of the learner (e.g. competences) and on the side of the situation (i.e. design). A set of ID-OER rules will be introduced that are targeted on overcoming current limitation of OER.

Keywords wiki · instructional design · web 2.0

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