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Openness in Education as a Praxis: From Individual Testimonials to Collective Voices
Bozkurt, Aras · Gjelsvik, Torunn · Adam, Taskeen · Asino, Tutaleni I. · Atenas, Javiera · Bali, Maha · Blomgren, Constance · Bond, Melissa · Bonk, Curtis J. · Brown, Mark · Burgos, Daniel · Conrad, Dianne · Costello, Eamon · Cronin, Catherine · Czerniewicz, Laura · Deepwell, Maren · Deimann, Markus · DeWaard, Helen J. · Dousay, Tonia A. · Ebner, Martin · Farrow, Robert · Gil-Jaurena, Inés · Havemann, Leo · Inamorato, Andreia · Irvine, Valerie · Karunanayaka, Shironica P. · Kerres, Michael · Lambert, Sarah · Lee, Kyungmee · Makoe, Mpine · Marín, Victoria I. · Mikroyannidis, Alexander · Mishra, Sanjaya · Naidu, Som · Nascimbeni, Fabio · Nichols, Mark · Olcott, Don · Ossiannilsson, Ebba · Otto, Daniel · Padilla Rodriguez, Brenda Cecilia · Paskevicius, Michael · Roberts, Verena · Saleem, Tooba · Schuwer, Robert · Sharma, Ramesh C. · Stewart, Bonnie · Stracke, Christian M. · Tait, Alan · Tlili, Ahmed · Ubachs, George · Weidlich, Joshua · Weller, Martin · Xiao, Junhong · Zawacki-Richter, Olaf

Published20 July 2023
JournalOpen Praxis
Volume 15, Issue 2, Pages 76-112

Why is Openness in Education important, and why is it critically needed at this moment? As manifested in our guiding question, the significance of Openness in Education and its immediate necessity form the heart of this collaborative editorial piece. This rather straightforward, yet nuanced query has sparked this collective endeavour by using individual testimonies, which may also be taken as living narratives, to reveal the value of Openness in Education as a praxis. Such testimonies serve as rich, personal narratives, critical introspections, and experience-based accounts that function as sources of data. The data gleaned from these narratives points to the understanding of Openness in Education as a complex, multilayered concept intricately woven into an array of values. These range from aspects such as sharing, access, flexibility, affordability, enlightenment, barrier-removal, empowerment, care, individual agency, trust, innovation, sustainability, collaboration, co-creation, social justice, equity, transparency, inclusivity, decolonization, democratisation, participation, liberty, and respect for diversity. This editorial, as a product of collective endeavour, invites its readers to independently engage with individual narratives, fostering the creation of unique interpretations. This call stems from the distinctive character of each narrative as they voice individual researchers’ perspectives from around the globe, articulating their insights within their unique situational contexts.

Keywords openness in education · open praxis · open education · open and distance learning · open learning ecosystems

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Elements of Open Education: An Invitation to Future Research
COER Group; Zawacki-Richter, Olaf; Conrad, Dianne; Bozkurt, Aras; et al.
This paper explores elements of open education within the context of higher education. After an introduction to the origins of open education and its theoretical foundations, the topics of open and distance learning, ...
Match: Bozkurt, Aras; Bond, Melissa; Conrad, Dianne; Kerres, Michael; Naidu, Som; Xiao, Junhong; Zawacki-Richter, Olaf; open education

A Comparative Study of National Infrastructures for Digital (Open) Educational Resources in Higher Education
Marín, Victoria I.; Bond, Melissa; Zawacki-Richter, Olaf; Aydin, Cengiz H.; et al.
This paper reports on the first stage of an international comparative study for the project “Digital educational architectures: Open learning resources in distributed learning infrastructures–EduArc”, funded by ...
Match: Bozkurt, Aras; Bond, Melissa; Conrad, Dianne; Marín, Victoria I.; Xiao, Junhong; Zawacki-Richter, Olaf

Changing the trajectory: Quality for opening up education
Creelman, Alastair; Shamarina-Heidenreich, Tatiana; Stracke, Christian M.; Kear, Karen; et al.
The jointly-organised EFQUEL Innovation Forum (EIF) 2014 and International Learning Innovations and Quality (LINQ) Conference took place in Crete on 7-9 May. The event addressed innovations and quality in lifelong ...
Match: Kerres, Michael; Nascimbeni, Fabio; Ossiannilsson, Ebba; Stracke, Christian M.

Opportunities and threats of the MOOC movement for higher education: The European perspective
Schuwer, Robert; Jaurena, Ines Gil; Aydin, Cengiz Hakan; Costello, Eamon; et al.
The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) movement is the latest ‘big thing’ in Open and Distance Learning (ODL) which threatens to transform Higher Education. Both opportunities and threats are extensively discussed in ...
Match: Brown, Mark; Conrad, Dianne; Costello, Eamon; Schuwer, Robert

Fostering openness in education: Considerations for sustainable policy-making
Atenas, Javiera; Havemann, Leo; Nascimbeni, Fabio; Villar-Onrubia, Daniel; Orlic, Davor
This paper reviews a framework to support the co-creation of policies to sustainably foster Open Education. The framework has been derived from a comprehensive review of public and Open Education policy documents and ...
Match: Atenas, Javiera; Havemann, Leo; Nascimbeni, Fabio; open education

Are MOOCs Open Educational Resources? A literature review on history, definitions and typologies of OER and MOOCs
Stracke, Christian M.; Downes, Stephen; Conole, Grainne; Burgos, Daniel; Nascimbeni, Fabio
Open Education gained more visibility as a result of the emergence of Open Educational Resources (OER) and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). This article discusses whether MOOCs should be considered as OER. Open ...
Match: Burgos, Daniel; Nascimbeni, Fabio; Stracke, Christian M.; open education

Open Educational Resources and Practices in China: A Systematic Literature Review
Tlili, Ahmed; Huang, Ronghuai; Chang, Ting-Wen; Nascimbeni, Fabio; Burgos, Daniel
The concepts of Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Educational Practices (OEP), regarded as two pillars of the broader open education movement, have been evolving since the concept of OER was first coined in the ...
Match: Burgos, Daniel; Nascimbeni, Fabio; Tlili, Ahmed; open education

A strategic response to MOOCs: How one European university is approaching the challenge
Brown, Mark; Costello, Eamon; Donlon, Enda; Giolla-Mhichil, Mairead Nic; et al.
This paper briefly outlines some of the macro level claims, counter-claims and unresolved debates surrounding the rapid growth of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in Higher Education. It then reports insights, ...
Match: Brown, Mark; Conrad, Dianne; Costello, Eamon

Open Educational Resources: Innovation, research and practice
Burgos Aguilar, José Vladimir; Cox, Glenda; Czerniewicz, Laura; D'Antoni, Susan; et al.
Open Educational Resources (OER) – that is, teaching, learning and research materials that their owners make free to others to use, revise and share – offer a powerful means of expanding the reach and effectiveness ...
Match: Czerniewicz, Laura; Paskevicius, Michael; Schuwer, Robert; open education

Opening teaching landscapes: The importance of quality assurance in the delivery of open educational resources
Atenas, Javiera; Havemann, Leo; Priego, Ernesto; Gil-Jaurena, Inés
Scholars are increasingly being asked to share teaching materials, publish in open access journals, network in social media, and reuse open educational resources (OER). The theoretical benefits of Open Educational ...
Match: Atenas, Javiera; Gil-Jaurena, Inés; Havemann, Leo