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Open Educational Resources: Innovation, research and practice
Burgos Aguilar, José Vladimir [secondary] · Cox, Glenda [secondary] · Czerniewicz, Laura [secondary] · D'Antoni, Susan [secondary] · Diallo, Bakary [secondary] · Downes, Stephen [secondary] · Farrow, Rob [secondary] · Friesen, Norm [secondary] · Hodgkinson-Williams, Cheryl [secondary] · Kanwar, Asha [secondary] · Kinuthia, Wanjira [secondary] · Kodhandaraman, Balasubramanian [secondary] · Kreijns, Karel [secondary] · Lane, Andy [secondary] · Lee-Pan, Samantha [secondary] · Luo, Airong [secondary] · Mackintosh, Wayne [secondary] · Marshall, Stewart [secondary] · McAndrew, Patrick [secondary] · McGreal, Rory [secondary] · Montoya, Maria Soledad Ramírez [secondary] · Ng’ambi, Dick [secondary] · Paskevicius, Michael [secondary] · Sampson, Demetrios G. [secondary] · Schuwer, Robert [secondary] · Shaikh, Shihaam [secondary] · Siemens, George [secondary] · Sotiriou, Sofoklis [secondary] · Taylor, Jim [secondary] · Umar, Abdurrahman [secondary] · Van Acker, Frederik [secondary] · van Buuren, Hans [secondary] · Vermeulen, Marjan [secondary] · Thuo (Kariuki), Catherine Wangeci [secondary] · Wright, Clayton R. [secondary] · Yamada, Tsuneo [secondary] · Zervas, Panagiotis [secondary]

PublishedMay 2013
PublisherCommonwealth of Learning, Athabasca University
EditorsMcGreal, Rory · Kinuthia, Wanjira · Marshall, Stewart

Open Educational Resources (OER) – that is, teaching, learning and research materials that their owners make free to others to use, revise and share – offer a powerful means of expanding the reach and effectiveness of worldwide education. Those resources can be full courses, course materials, modules, textbooks, streaming videos, software, and other materials and techniques used to promote and support universal access to knowledge.

This book, initiated by the UNESCO/COL Chair in OER, is one in a series of publications by the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) examining OER. It describes the movement in detail, providing readers with insight into OER’s significant benefits, its theory and practice, and its achievements and challenges. The 16 chapters, written by some of the leading international experts on the subject, are organised into four parts by theme:

1. OER in Academia – describes how OER are widening the international community of scholars, following MIT’s lead in sharing its resources and looking to the model set by the OpenCourseWare Consortium
2. OER in Practice – presents case studies and descriptions of OER initiatives underway on three continents
3. Diffusion of OER – discusses various approaches to releasing and “opening” content, from building communities of users that support lifelong learning to harnessing new mobile technologies that enhance OER access on the Internet
4. Producing, Sharing and Using OER – examines the pedagogical, organisational, personal and technical issues that producing organisations and institutions need to address in designing, sharing and using OER

Instructional designers, curriculum developers, educational technologists, teachers, researchers, students, others involved in creating, studying or using OER: all will find this timely resource informative and inspiring.

Keywords access · knowledge · Lifelong Learning · MOOC · OERs · OERu · open education · Science · technology

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365 days of openness: The emergence of OER at the University of Cape Town
Hodgkinson-Williams, Cheryl; Paskevicius, Michael; Cox, Glenda; Shaikh, Shihaam; et al.
Match: Cox, Glenda; Czerniewicz, Laura; Hodgkinson-Williams, Cheryl; Kinuthia, Wanjira; Lee-Pan, Samantha; Marshall, Stewart; McGreal, Rory; Paskevicius, Michael; Shaikh, Shihaam

Open Educational Resources university: An assessment and credit for students initiative
McGreal, Rory; Mackintosh, Wayne; Taylor, Jim; McGreal, Rory; et al.
Match: Kinuthia, Wanjira; Mackintosh, Wayne; Marshall, Stewart; McGreal, Rory; Taylor, Jim; OERu; open education

Why teachers share educational resources: A social exchange perspective
Van Acker, Frederik; van Buuren, Hans; Kreijns, Karel; Vermeulen, Marjan; et al.
Match: Kinuthia, Wanjira; Kreijns, Karel; Marshall, Stewart; McGreal, Rory; Van Acker, Frederik; van Buuren, Hans; Vermeulen, Marjan

Academic knowledge mobilisation to promote cultural change towards openness in education
Burgos Aguilar, José Vladimir; Montoya, Maria Soledad Ramírez; McGreal, Rory; Kinuthia, Wanjira; Marshall, Stewart
Match: Burgos Aguilar, José Vladimir; Kinuthia, Wanjira; Marshall, Stewart; McGreal, Rory; Montoya, Maria Soledad Ramírez; innovation; knowledge

Can open educational resources thrive in closed educational systems? Some reflections on OER in developing countries
Umar, Abdurrahman; Kodhandaraman, Balasubramanian; Kanwar, Asha; McGreal, Rory; et al.
Match: Kanwar, Asha; Kinuthia, Wanjira; Kodhandaraman, Balasubramanian; Marshall, Stewart; McGreal, Rory; Umar, Abdurrahman

Open education research: From the practical to the theoretical
McAndrew, Patrick; Farrow, Rob; McGreal, Rory; Kinuthia, Wanjira; Marshall, Stewart
Match: Farrow, Rob; Kinuthia, Wanjira; Marshall, Stewart; McAndrew, Patrick; McGreal, Rory

Massive Open Online Courses: Innovation in education?
Siemens, George; McGreal, Rory; Kinuthia, Wanjira; Marshall, Stewart
Match: Kinuthia, Wanjira; Marshall, Stewart; McGreal, Rory; Siemens, George; innovation; MOOC

Sharing of open science education resources and educational practices in Europe
Sampson, Demetrios G.; Zervas, Panagiotis; McGreal, Rory; Kinuthia, Wanjira; Marshall, Stewart
Match: Kinuthia, Wanjira; Marshall, Stewart; McGreal, Rory; Sampson, Demetrios G.; Zervas, Panagiotis

Approaches to the production and use of OERs: The African Virtual University experience
Thuo (Kariuki), Catherine Wangeci; Wright, Clayton R.; McGreal, Rory; Kinuthia, Wanjira; Marshall, Stewart
Match: Kinuthia, Wanjira; Marshall, Stewart; McGreal, Rory; Thuo (Kariuki), Catherine Wangeci; Wright, Clayton R.

An open “materials” repository and global search system: Preparing for diverse learners and a variety of learning processes
Yamada, Tsuneo; McGreal, Rory; Kinuthia, Wanjira; Marshall, Stewart
Match: Kinuthia, Wanjira; Marshall, Stewart; McGreal, Rory; Yamada, Tsuneo; Lifelong Learning; open education