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Inclusion in, and exclusion from, open education communities
Lane, Andy · Comas-Quinn, Anna · Thompson, Simon

PublishedDecember 2014
Type of workEditorial
JournalJournal of Interactive Media in Education
Volume 2014, Issue 2, Pages 1-2

This special issue is the fifth devoted to Open Educational Resources (OER) and the fourth to be drawn from papers presented at the annual UK-based OER conference. For this special issue, the editors selected papers from the OER14 conference, held in Newcastle in April 2014. The main conference theme was ‘Building communities of open practice’ with further themes on MOOCs and open courses; academic practice, development and pedagogy; open policy, research, scholarship and access; and students as users and co-creators. As open education matures it will be the communities we develop that make a difference to the success (or failure) of transforming education through openness. The five chosen papers in this special issue exemplify one facet of building communities of open practice – how people may, in theory and in practice, be included in or excluded from such communities despite the potential of the openness on offer.

Keywords open communities · open education · open practice

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Inclusion in, and exclusion from, open education communities
Lane, Andy; Comas-Quinn, Anna; Thompson, Simon
This special issue is the fifth devoted to Open Educational Resources (OER) and the fourth to be drawn from papers presented at the annual UK-based OER conference. For this special issue, the editors selected papers ...
Match: Lane, Andy; Comas-Quinn, Anna; Thompson, Simon; open communities; open education; open practice

Developing innovative systems for supportive open teaching practices in higher education
Lane, Andy
Openness has become a key feature in the discourse and practice of higher education in recent years as has its potential to drive innovation in teaching and learning practices. More often this discourse refers to the ...
Match: Lane, Andy; open education

Open Educational Resources: Innovation, research and practice
Burgos Aguilar, José Vladimir; Cox, Glenda; Czerniewicz, Laura; D'Antoni, Susan; et al.
Open Educational Resources (OER) – that is, teaching, learning and research materials that their owners make free to others to use, revise and share – offer a powerful means of expanding the reach and effectiveness ...
Match: Lane, Andy; open education

Open education and the sustainable development goals: Making change happen
Lane, Andy
Education for All has been a concept at the heart of international development since 1990 and has found its latest instantiation within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as SDG 4, ‘Ensure inclusive and ...
Match: Lane, Andy; open education

Placing students at the heart of the iron triangle and the Interaction Equivalence Theorem Models
Lane, Andy
A number of visual models have been proposed to help explain the interplay and interactions between specified components of higher education systems at different levels and to take account of emerging trends towards ...
Match: Lane, Andy

The potential social, economic and environmental benefits of MOOCs: Operational and historical comparisons with a massive ‘closed online’ course
Lane, Andy; Caird, Sally; Weller, M.
Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) have recently become a much discussed development within higher education. Much of this debate focuses on the philosophical and operational similarities and differences between the ...
Match: Lane, Andy

Out of Africa: A typology for analysing open educational resources initiatives
Bateman, Peter; Lane, Andy; Moon, Bob
This paper describes how a typology was developed and used between 2008 and 2010 to investigate three different open educational resources (OER) initiatives in Sub Saharan Africa (SSA). The typology was first developed ...
Match: Lane, Andy

How OER support lifelong learning
Lane, Andy; McGreal, Rory; Kinuthia, Wanjira; Marshall, Stewart
Match: Lane, Andy

Reuse and repurpose: the life story of an (open) educational resource
Lane, Andy
This paper relates the life story of a particular educational resource (and its lead author) that went from being closed to open and which exemplifies the value of reuse and reworking of educational resources in both ...
Match: Lane, Andy

Are open educational resources systematic or systemic change agents for teaching practice?
Lane, Andy; McAndrew, Patrick
Open educational resources (OER) raise many similar issues for education to those that have surrounded Learning Objects (LO). However the greater use and availability of digital technologies and open licensing seems to ...
Match: Lane, Andy