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Challenges in the Adoption and Use of OpenCourseWare: Experience of the United Nations University
Barrett, Brendan F D. · Grover, Velma I. · Janowski, Tomasz · van Lavieren, Hanneke · Ojo, Adegboyega · Schmidt, Jan Philipp

PublishedFebruary 2009
JournalOpen Learning The Journal of Open and Distance Learning
Volume 24, Issue 1, Pages 31-38

This paper provides insights on the adoption or use of OpenCourseWare (OCW) to support broader research, training and institutional capacity development goals, based on the experience of the United Nations University. Specifically, it explains the strategic context for the use of OCW in the university through its related efforts in the area of Virtual and Open Learning, and how OCW fits these requirements. Finally, the paper presents the current status, and discusses challenges and future directions of the OCW project at the United Nations University.

Keywords information society · OpenCourseWare · United Nations · virtual and open learning

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Other informationChallenges in the Adoption and Use of OpenCourseWare
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