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Open metadata for open educational resources in an open infrastructure
Duval, Erik · Ternier, Stefaan · Wolpers, Martin · Najjar, Jehad · Vandeputte, Bram · Verbert, Katrien · Klerkx, Joris · Meire, Michael · Ochoa, Xavier

PublishedNovember 2007
Pages 1-61

We believe that the open educational resources movement focuses too much on one of the three important aspects for openness, i.e. open content. In order to take full advantage of the open educational resources, attention should also be given to open metadata and standards, so that a truly open infrastructure for learning can be developed. We are heavily involved in research around all three of these aspects, and in the actual roll-out for diverse learning communities of this infrastructure.

Keywords meta tagging · metadata · OER quality · OER framework

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