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Where did the questions and answers in this FAQ section come from?

All of the questions and answers in this FAQ section were taken from "A Basic Guide to Open Educational Resources (OER)", prepared for the Commonwealth of Learning by Neil Butcher and edited by Asha Kanwar (COL) and Stamenka Uvalić-Trumbić (UNESCO).

Additional questions and answers may be found in the guide, including:
  • Does use of OER preclude use of commercial content?
  • What policy changes are needed for institutions to make more effective use of OER?
  • What are the best ways to build capacity in OER?
  • Where do I find OER?
  • How can I share my OER with others?
  • How much can I change OER for my own purposes?
  • How open is an open licence?


Covid-19 crisis: UNESCO Call to support learning and knowledge sharing through open educational resources
May 5, 2020
In response to the massive disruption of education due to the Covid-19 pandemic affecting 1.57 billion learners in 191 countries, UNESCO has issued a Call to support learning and knowledge sharing through Open Educational Resources (OER) worldwide. Covid-19 UNESCO Statement: UNESCO joint statement on the use OER in the Covid-19 response UNESCO Global Education Coalition Covid-19 ...

Introducing UPEI's open education resource development program
April 9, 2020
UPEI’s Robertson Library, in partnership with the province and the UPEI Student Union, has created a program to support the creation, adaptation, or peer review of open education resources (OER) at UPEI to lower the cost of learning materials for ...

Discover the new CC Image Search
October 29, 2019
Try the new CC image search with over 300 million images from 19 collections and easier attribution:

Colorado OER Annual Report
October 29, 2019
A new report titled “Colorado Rises: TransformingEducational Practices through Open Educational Resources”  highlights the need for wide-scale implementation of open educational resources (OER). In the first year of implementation, Colorado students are saving $3.4 million thanks to OER developed through the statewide grant program. ...

Methodological guide for assessing impact
August 12, 2019
Check out this new offering from the Publications Office of the European Union, the Methodological guide for assessing impact of open e-textbook programs