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Designing open educational resources curriculum for virtual mobility. Breaking the wall
Alchieri, Elena · Arbutavičius, Gintaras · Coelho, Dalila · Galati, Concetto Daniele · Nogueira, Sofia · Valdmane, Liene · Volungevičienė, Airina

JournalVocational Education: Research & Reality
Issue 25, Pages 190-200
PublisherVytauto Didžiojo universiteto
CountryLithuania, Europe

Due to the awareness of Open Educational Resources (OER) as one of the main opportunities for learners to take advantage of free resources, six doctoral students from Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Portugal and Spain formed a team focused on the importance of the international cooperation on this field. Virtual Mobility(VM) is a useful learning tool in what concerns to information and communication technologies to create learning environments that can join people from different countries. The current paper analyses the benefits and challenges of OER in VM, presents the results of focus group discussions within the team pointing out the success factors and barriers to introduce OER in VM curriculum development, and represents and analysesthe VM curriculum designing case on the topic "Open Educational Resources" prepared by the interuniversity team.

Keywords atvirieji švietimo ištekliai · curricula (courses of study) · curriculum design · curriculum projektavimas · doctoral students · educational resources · information & communication technologies · international cooperation · Open Educational Resources · Student Mobility · Virtual Mobility · virtualus mobilumas

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