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Digital economy strategy consultation Athabasca University - July 9, 2010 A paper to review the overarching strategic issues
McGreal, Rory

PublishedJuly 2010
PeriodicalPages 1-7
PublisherAthabasca University
CountryCanada, North America

The main points reviewed in this document are summarized below for ready reference:
• The digital economy is based on the creation, transmission and dissemination of knowledge.
• E-learning is an essential component of a modern learning and research infrastructure.
• Government should not pick winners; fair dealing is as important as the IP economy.
• Every Canadian needs to be proficient in digital economy skills; e-learning supports this.
• Accessibility to quality content is an economic driver. Rural citizens should be able to access this content online.
• Policy should not create silos but support all innovation, including non-traditional "outside the box” initiatives.
• Portability of credentials and accreditation among provinces should be national, supporting economies of scale.
• Supporting Open Educational Resources can be a cost-effective means of supporting learning and training.
• A national “cloud” network to support e-learning would demonstrate Canadian leadership.

Keywords business case · digital divide · digital economy · digital literacy · fair use

Published atAthabasca
RefereedDoes not apply
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