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The HumBox Project: Final Report
Dickens, Alison · Borthwick, Kate · Richardson, Sara · Lavendar, Lisa · Mossley, David · Gawthrope, Jane · Lucas, Brett

PublishedApril 2010
PeriodicalPages 1-49
PublisherJoint Information Systems Committee
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The Community Café: creating and sharing open educational resources with community-based language teachers
Borthwick, Kate; Dickens, Alison
The Community Café project ran from 2010 – 2011 and was a collaboration between Southampton City Council and two universities in the UK. The project’s aim was to create, publish online and share a collection of ...
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What our MOOC did next: Embedding, exploiting, and extending an existing MOOC to fit strategic purposes and priorities
Borthwick, Kate; Orsini-Jones, Marina; Smith, Simon
This chapter describes how one particular Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), created at the University of Southampton, has evolved beyond its core purpose as a promotional tool, to complement and serve purposes and ...
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‘Inspiration, ideas, encouragement’: Teacher development and improved use of technology in language teaching through open educational practice
Borthwick, Kate; Gallagher-Brett, Angela
This paper describes a study undertaken with language tutors who were engaged in a project to publish and create open educational resources. We sought to investigate how far working with open content could offer ...
Match: Borthwick, Kate

The HumBox: Changing educational practice around a learning resource repository
Millard, David E.; Borthwick, Kate; Howard, Yvonne; McSweeney, Patrick; Hargood, Charlie
The HumBox is a learning resource repository for the Humanities educational community in the UK. Over the last three years the challenge for HumBox has been to act as not only a shared library for its community, but ...
Match: Borthwick, Kate

Open educational resources and open education
Mossley, David
This toolkit explores open educational resources (OER) and some aspects of open educational practice. It is designed for those new to teaching and those new to open approaches to resources who may be more generally ...
Match: Mossley, David

2014 Open Education trend report: A publication by the Open Education Special Interest Group
van der Woert, Nicolai; van Klooster, Ria ’t.; Visser, Mark; Hoekstra, Jody; et al.
The 2014 Open Education Trend Report describes the trends relating to open and online education in the Netherlands and abroad, written from within the context of Dutch higher education. This is done by means of eight ...
Match: report