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STEM@1000mph: Developing Open Educational Resources in a live engineering project
Lanham, John · Howard, Yvonne · Drew, Ben · Johns, Dan

PublishedDecember 2013
Type of workNottingham OER 2013 (Special Issue)
JournalJournal of Interactive Media in Education
Volume 2013, Issue 3, Pages 19

Higher education institutions are recognising the clear benefits of open educational resources, and academics are engaging with the development of these resources. This paper presents a case study of OERs being developed using the live, current BloodhoundSSC world land speed record project as a basis. The paper outlines the rationale for the BloodhoundSSC project and its focus on educational engagement across the age spectrum. The work undertaken to develop a web-based repository along with activities to stimulate academic and student engagement are described. The paper explores how academics have engaged with developing OERs based on this openly available content, the issues encountered and ways in which these issues can be mitigated.

Keywords BloodhoundSSC · Live Engineering Project · OER · STEM

Other informationJIME
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