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‘Inspiration, ideas, encouragement’: Teacher development and improved use of technology in language teaching through open educational practice
Borthwick, Kate and Gallagher-Brett, Angela

PublishedMarch 2014
JournalComputer Assisted Language Learning
Volume 27, Issue 2, Pages 163 - 183

This paper describes a study undertaken with language tutors who were engaged in a project to publish and create open educational resources. We sought to investigate how far working with open content could offer language tutors opportunities to develop professionally and acquire new technical knowledge for language teaching. Language educators face particular motivational challenges, and often have a lack of training in the use of technology for teaching. We applied a self-efficacy theory of motivation to understand the extent to which tutors felt confident and capable about open practice, and whether they perceived development benefits. On the whole our findings suggest that open practice may be an effective vehicle for professional development, for enhancing knowledge of technology in teaching and for alleviating some specific motivational barriers faced by language educators. However, they also revealed significant issues which challenge tutors’ likelihood of continuing with open practice, which would need to be addressed for the benefits of open working to be fully realised.

Keywords languages · Open Educational Resources · open practice · professional development

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