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Barriers and motivators for using OER in schools
Ehlers, Ulf-Daniel and Richter, Thomas

PublishedMarch 2011
JournaleLearning Papers 23
Volume 23, Issue March 2011, Pages 1-7
EditorsEhlers, Ulf Daniel and Koskinen, Tapio

For this study we investigated German teachers to see how they use, reuse, produce and manage OER.

The research explored what motivators and barriers effect their use of OER, what others can learn from their Open Educational Practices, and what we can do to raise the dissemination level of OER in schools.

The survey revealed some unexpected results, notably the fact that participating German teachers do not to feel they need special OER-licenses, since they consider everything available in the Internet as being public – even their own products. Regarding barriers, insecurity on the correctness of information was one of the biggest issues and also, a concern regarding the lack of expertise and guidance during the adaption processes.

Keywords barriers · motivators · open educational practices · teacher survey

Published atBarcelona
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