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Current Initiatives and Challenges to OERs in Indian Higher Education
Bansal, Tulika · Chabra, Sonal · Joshi, Dhananjay

Published1 January 2013
JournalAsian Journal of Distance Education
Volume 11, Issue 1, Pages 4-18
CountryIndia, Asia

In the modern era of information technology, digital resources have become readily accessible source of learning for teachers and learners. One such movement that encourages and enables sharing such learning resources is OER (Open Educational Resources). In India OER movement is especially important as higher education is still facing the paucity of high quality teachers, inadequate infrastructure of the universities and more specifically their libraries, and the derisory quality of Educational Resources utilized at the various universities and colleges. The paper intends to elucidate the OER movement in Indian higher education and to introduce the open educational resources initiatives in /Indian higher education. It also outlines the issues hindering the progress of OER in India along with the recommendations that address these issues.

Keywords distance education

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