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Reusing, reworking and remixing open educational resources
Lane, Andy · Connolly, Teresa · Ferreira, Giselle · McAndrew, Patrick · Wilson, Tina · Marshall, Stewart [secondary] · Kinuthia, Wanjira [secondary]

PublishedJanuary 2010
SeriesEducational Design and Technology in the Knowledge Society
PublisherCases 'n' Places: Global Cases in Educational and Performance Technology, IAP - Information Age Publishing

Open educational resources are largely a phenomenon of the Web, although they can be used as offline resources. We have provided a rough guide to the OER world, and OpenLearn in particular in the case study, highlighting the thinking that lay behind the transformation of educational resources for open publication and exemplified by real examples accessible on or from OpenLearn and as discussed in key publications written by members of the OpenLearn Team. We expect the case study to give sufficient information and pointers to online sources for readers to begin to explore the issues involved, while we expect you, as an instructor, to highlight ways in which you can get your students to actively explore and use an OER as a learner and educator in order to use their own experiences to better understand and address the issues. However, you may want to suggest that your students also do some preclass reading of a selection of papers from the bibliography in addition to the case study itself.

Keywords William and Flora Hewlett Foundation · openlearn · OER definition · OER creation · reuse · case study

Published atCharlotte, NC
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Open Educational Resources: Innovation, research and practice
Burgos Aguilar, José Vladimir; Cox, Glenda; Czerniewicz, Laura; D'Antoni, Susan; et al.
Open Educational Resources (OER) – that is, teaching, learning and research materials that their owners make free to others to use, revise and share – offer a powerful means of expanding the reach and effectiveness ...
Match: Lane, Andy; McAndrew, Patrick; Marshall, Stewart; Kinuthia, Wanjira

OpenLearn research report 2006-2008
McAndrew, Patrick; Santos, A.; Lane, Andy; Godwin, Stephen; et al.
This report takes the experience of OpenLearn over its two-years of operation to reflect on what it means to offer free resources and the issues that we have been able to explore and learn from. The structure of the ...
Match: Lane, Andy; Connolly, Teresa; Ferreira, Giselle; McAndrew, Patrick; Wilson, Tina

Open Educational Resources and web 2.0 for formal learning in Information and Computer Sciences: A case study
Ferreira, Giselle; Wilson, Tina; Okada, Alexandra; Connolly, Teresa; Peters, Scott
The availability of Web 2.0 and open educational resources affords the emergence of novel learning spaces, but debate on these innovations has tended to emphasise technical, logistical, and legal issues. This chapter ...
Match: Connolly, Teresa; Ferreira, Giselle; Wilson, Tina; case study

Open education research: From the practical to the theoretical
McAndrew, Patrick; Farrow, Rob; McGreal, Rory; Kinuthia, Wanjira; Marshall, Stewart
Match: McAndrew, Patrick; Marshall, Stewart; Kinuthia, Wanjira; openlearn

How OER support lifelong learning
Lane, Andy; McGreal, Rory; Kinuthia, Wanjira; Marshall, Stewart
Match: Lane, Andy; Marshall, Stewart; Kinuthia, Wanjira

Production of OER, a quest for efficiency
Schuwer, Robert; Wilson, Tina; van Valkenburg, Willem; Lane, Andy
In most initiatives to publish Open Educational Resources (OER), the production of OER is the activity with the highest costs. Based on literature and personal experiences a list of relevant characteristics of ...
Match: Lane, Andy; Wilson, Tina; OER creation; case study

The networking effects of OER
Lane, Andy; McAndrew, Patrick; Santos, A.
Open Educational Resources (OER) give an openly available set of content and tools that in principle provide a basis for formal and informal communication and collaboration between groups of individuals around teaching ...
Match: Lane, Andy; McAndrew, Patrick; openlearn

Pocketing the difference: Joint development of Open Educational Resources
McAndrew, Patrick; Wilson, Tina
Web 2.0 tools and social software are changing the way in which formal and informal learners expect to work with learning resources. In response, educational providers may open up access to existing courses by providing ...
Match: McAndrew, Patrick; Wilson, Tina; openlearn

Opening up education: The collective advancement of education through open technology, open content, and open knowledge
Lane, Andy; Iiyoshi, Toru; Kumar, M. S. V.
Match: Lane, Andy; resources; openlearn

Collaborating over rich media: The Open University and BBC partnership
Lane, Andy; Law, Andrew; Connolly, Teresa; Scott, Peter J.; Okada, Alexandra
Open Educational Resources comprise many types of assets, including rich media. However, dynamic rich media offer different opportunities and challenges for learners, teachers, and higher education institutions alike ...
Match: Lane, Andy; Connolly, Teresa