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Case studies on OER-based eLearning
Karunanayaka, Shironica · Mythili, G. · Prasad, S K. · Menon, Mohan B.

PublishedSeptember 2014
PeriodicalPages 1-56
PublisherCommonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA)
EditorsNaidu, Som and Mishra, Sanjaya
CountrySri Lanka, Malaysia, India, Asia

Case Studies:

1. Open University of Sri Lanka
Integrating OER in a Teacher Education Course
by Shironica Karunanayaka

2. Indira Gandhi National Open University
OER-based Post Graduate Diploma in e-Learning
by G. Mythili

3. National Institute of Open Schooling
Open Educational Resource Initiative
by S.K. Prasad

4. Wawasan Open University
Developing a Fully OER-based Course
by Mohan B. Menon

Keywords government policy · higher education · OER case studies · OER integration · OER policy · OER practice · OER research

Published atNew Delhi
RefereedDoes not apply
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