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Languages Open Resources Online (LORO): Fostering a culture of collaboration and sharing
Comas-Quinn, Anna · Beaven, Mary · Pleines, Christine · Pulker, Helene · de los Arcos, Beatriz

PublishedMarch 2011
JournalThe Eurocall Review
Volume 18
PublisherEuropean Association for Computer-Assisted Language Learning

As the last ten years have seen the advent of the Open Educational Resources (OER) movement, large numbers of digital content are now available for learners and teachers to use and reuse. Engaging with OER compels educators to address issues of sharing, quality, ownership, and changing professional practices. In this report, we describe the experience of setting up LORO, a repository of languages OER, especially in relation to teachers' perceptions of barriers and enablers to successful engagement with open content.

Keywords re-use · sharing · user engagement · culture change · repositories · Open Educational Resources

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