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Finding new angles: OER student survey data and the academic library narrative
Todorinova, Lily and Wilkinson, Zara

PublishedApril 2019
ConferenceAssociation of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) 2019, Recasting the Narrative
Pages 211-215
CountryUnited States, North America

This project collected over 400 responses to a student questionnaire used to assess a program that incentivizes the adoption of open educational resources (OER) and other free or affordable course materials. Students enrolled in Open and Affordable Textbooks (OAT) program courses at Rutgers University (RU) indicated that they were concerned about textbook affordability, liked their open and affordable course content, and unanimously supported continuing the program. However, responses also suggested the relative invisibility of library resources and the need for continuing education about copyright and potential piracy. In addition to having direct implications for the use of open and affordable materials, these results reveal students’ attitudes towards the libraries’ digital environment and the role of the library in their academic experience. The survey can also provide a glimpse at how textbook affordability interfaces with key foundational library services and philosophies, including academic integrity, copyright, and the visibility, use and discoverability of library resources.

Keywords OAT courses · OER research · open textbooks · student savings · textbook affordability

Published atCleveland, Ohio
RightsAttribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Canada (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 CA)
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