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UNED OER experience: From OCW to open UNED
Ros, Salvador · Hernández, Roberto · Read, Timothy · Artacho, Miguel Rodriguez · Pastor, Rafael · Orueta, Gabriel Diaz

Published8 July 2014
JournalIEEE Transactions on Education
Volume 57, Issue 4, Pages 248
CountrySpain, Europe

Much as happened with open software, there has been a global attitude shift in the education community toward the open sharing of educational courses and resources. As the largest public distance education university in Spain, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED) has had a clear commitment to open learning and content since its very beginnings. Its open courseware (OCW) portal was started in 2006 and has received several prizes for its innovative content. During this period, the OCW materials were used to supplement standard teaching in a variety of educational applications, among them induction and competence transfer courses. These initiatives have been used as a starting point for a comprehensive open educational resource (OER) policy at UNED. Efforts to foster OER initiatives are collected in the project called UNED Abierta (Open UNED). UNED currently publishes its open resources in various platforms and formats, such as iTunes U, MOOC, and OpenCourseWare. This paper presents UNED's experience in OER and describes how it is tackling the new challenges in OER creation and distribution.

Keywords communities · educational institutions · engineering profession · general topics for engineers · higher education · massive online open courses · materials · open content · open courseware · Open Educational Resources · social network services · software · Web Sites

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