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Examining the sustainability issues in UKOER projects: Developing a sustainable OER ecosystem in HE
Yuan, Li · Robertson, John R. · Campbell, Lorna M. · Pegler, Chris

PublishedSeptember 2010
ConferenceBarcelona Open Ed 2010
CountryUnited Kingdom, Spain, Europe

The development of open educational resources (OERs) is becoming a strategic priority for governments and education institutions around the world, in response to funding cuts and rising costs in educational provision. In the United Kingdom, a government-sponsored Pilot Programme on Open Educational Recourses (JISC/HEA, 2009) was launched in 2009 with an initial budget of £5.7m. This paper reviews the key sustainability issues identified by the projects including the different approaches and models that have been adopted in order to sustain the continuing development and release of OER once funding has ended. The analysis also considers the challenges relating to the development and implementation of policies and processes for sustainable OER practice within institutions and among academics. The paper concludes by drawing on the experiences from the wider United Kingdom and international OER communities to develop a sustainable OER ecosystem model that can facilitate discussions on future development of OER initiatives.

Keywords business case · ecosystem · open education · sustainability · UKOER

Published atBarcelona
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