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The investigation into the rising cost of textbooks: A background study of the context of Michigan initiatives with an eye toward launching a library-based college textbook publishing program
Nicholls, Natsuko Hayashi

PublishedJanuary 2010
PeriodicalPages 1-39
PublisherUniversity of Michigan Library
CountryUnited States, North America

In this report we investigate the facts concerning the rapidly rising cost of college textbooks. The lack of textbook affordability has drawn increased nationwide attention over the last decade. To identify the reason and context behind the escalating prices of college textbooks, a number of review boards have been established at federal, state, and campus levels, proposing a variety of new and more creative methods of textbook development and distribution. The University of Michigan is not an exception. This study report aims first to help us better understand the overall context of today’’s textbook problem and then to tackle the questions of what choices we have today and what other alternatives, such as open textbooks, we should further consider in order to increase productivity and efficiency of teaching for faculty as well as to provide low-cost instructional materials for students, making education and resources more affordable. This is a preliminary study to be followed by an in- depth analysis that explores the potential of putting Michigan ideas into practice, including launching a library-based college textbook publishing program as a new approach to textbook affordability .

Keywords connexions · e-books · higher education · Make Textbooks Affordable Campaign · open textbooks · OpenCourseWare

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