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Utilizing open educational practices to support sustainable higher education in the United Arab Emirates
Adhya, Debolina Halder · Al Bastaki, Eesa M. · Suleymanova, Sara · Muhammad, Nasiruddeen · Purushothaman, Arunprasad

Published24 June 2024
JournalAsian Association of Open Universities Journal
CountryUnited Arab Emirates, Asia

The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled higher education institutions (HEI) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and globally to shift to a new pedagogy that is sustainable and resilient to crises and disruptions. It necessitated the integration of technologies as part of pedagogical innovation and modification of higher education practices – advancing toward a more holistic integration of physical and digital tools and methods to enable more flexible, creative, collaborative and participatory learning. In terms of pedagogy, an open approach to learning is essential, combining in-person teaching with technological tools and online learning.

Keywords distance and online learning · open pedagogy · open educational practices · sustainable education

RightsCC BY
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