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Cristina Valdera

Director of the National Center for Curricular Development on Non Proprietary Systems (CEDEC), public institution depending of the Ministry of Education of Spain through the National Institute of Educational Technologies and Teacher Training (INTEF). Our mission is to support the design, development and promotion of Open Educational Resources. We are in charge of promoting actions and strategies to further develop the design, use and general uptake of open educational resources through the EDIA Project. We work with teachers in the creation and testing of OER and related tools, and provide continuous professional training about OER, active education methodologies and free software. We are also working in the monitoring of the use of these resources by teachers, sharing their experiences and modifications, and supporting the creation of teacher networks and collaborative dynamics.

All EDIA resources carry an open license (Creative Commons BY-SA). The tool we use to create our OER is, a free and open source editor for the creation of educational resources that facilitates the revision, remix and redistribution of our materials, and which development is also coordinated by us.

OER from EDIA Project are evaluated, classified and made available with free access in CEDEC´s web ( and in the Spanish resources platform Procomún, and are meant to be used by teachers, students and families.

OER, Free Software, eXeLearning

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